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Interface SecureConnection

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Connection, InputConnection, OutputConnection, SocketConnection, StreamConnection

public interface SecureConnection
extends SocketConnection

This interface defines the secure socket stream connection. A secure connection is established using with the scheme "ssl" and the secure connection is established before open returns. If the secure connection cannot be established due to errors related to certificates a CertificateException is thrown.

A secure socket is accessed using a generic connection string with an explicit host and port number. The host may be specified as a fully qualified host name or IPv4 number. e.g. ssl:// defines a target socket on the system at port 79.

Note that RFC1900 recommends the use of names rather than IP numbers for best results in the event of IP number reassignment.

A secure connection MUST be implemented by one or more of the following specifications:

BNF Format for string

The URI must conform to the BNF syntax specified below. If the URI does not conform to this syntax, an IllegalArgumentException is thrown.

<socket_connection_string> ::= "ssl://"<hostport>
<hostport> ::= host ":" port
<host> ::= host name or IP address
<port> ::= numeric port number

Optional parameters are:

See SocketConnection.


The following examples show how a SecureConnection would be used to access a sample loopback program.

   SecureConnection sc = (SecureConnection)
   SecurityInfo info = sc.getSecurityInfo();
   boolean isTLS = (info.getProtocolName().equals("TLS"));
   sc.setSocketOption(SocketConnection.LINGER, 5);

   InputStream is  = sc.openInputStream();
   OutputStream os = sc.openOutputStream();

   int ch = 0;
   while(ch != -1) {
       ch =;


MIDP 2.0

Field Summary
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Method Summary
 SecurityInfo getSecurityInfo()
          Return the security information associated with this connection when it was opened.
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getAddress, getLocalAddress, getLocalPort, getPort, getSocketOption, setSocketOption
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openDataInputStream, openInputStream
Methods inherited from interface
Methods inherited from interface
openDataOutputStream, openOutputStream

Method Detail


public SecurityInfo getSecurityInfo()
                             throws IOException
Return the security information associated with this connection when it was opened.

the security information associated with this open connection.
IOException - if an arbitrary connection failure occurs

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