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Interface Connection

All Known Subinterfaces:
CommConnection, CommConnectionControlLines, ContentConnection, DatagramConnection, FileConnection, HttpConnection, HttpsConnection, InputConnection, OutputConnection, SecureConnection, ServerSocketConnection, SocketConnection, StreamConnection, StreamConnectionNotifier, UDPDatagramConnection

public interface Connection

This is the most basic type of generic connection. Only the close method is defined. No open method is defined here because opening is always done using the methods.

CLDC 1.0

Method Summary
 void close()
          Close the connection.

Method Detail


public void close()
           throws IOException
Close the connection.

When a connection has been closed, access to any of its methods that involve an I/O operation will cause an IOException to be thrown. Closing an already closed connection has no effect. Streams derived from the connection may be open when method is called. Any open streams will cause the connection to be held open until they themselves are closed. In this latter case access to the open streams is permitted, but access to the connection is not.

IOException - If an I/O error occurs

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