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Constant Field Values

public static final int BEARER_STATE_CLOSING 4
public static final int BEARER_STATE_CONNECTING 2
public static final int BEARER_STATE_DOWN 1
public static final int BEARER_STATE_LIMITED_UP 5
public static final int BEARER_STATE_UP 3
public static final int INSIDE_STORAGE_PATH 1
public static final int OUTSIDE_STORAGE_PATH 0
public static final int ROOT_ADDED 0
public static final int ROOT_REMOVED 1


public static final byte MAX_VALUE 127
public static final byte MIN_VALUE -128

public static final int MAX_RADIX 36
public static final char MAX_VALUE 65535
public static final int MIN_RADIX 2
public static final char MIN_VALUE 0

public static final double MAX_VALUE 1.7976931348623157E308d
public static final double MIN_VALUE 4.9E-324d
public static final double NaN 0d/0d
public static final double NEGATIVE_INFINITY -1d/0d
public static final double POSITIVE_INFINITY 1d/0d

public static final float MAX_VALUE 3.4028234663852886E38f
public static final float MIN_VALUE 1.401298464324817E-45f
public static final float NaN 0f/0f
public static final float NEGATIVE_INFINITY -1f/0f
public static final float POSITIVE_INFINITY 1f/0f

public static final int MAX_VALUE 2147483647
public static final int MIN_VALUE -2147483648

public static final long MAX_VALUE 9223372036854775807l
public static final long MIN_VALUE -9223372036854775808l

public static final double E 2.718281828459045d
public static final double PI 3.141592653589793d

public static final short MAX_VALUE 32767
public static final short MIN_VALUE -32768

public static final int MAX_PRIORITY 10
public static final int MIN_PRIORITY 1
public static final int NORM_PRIORITY 5


public static final int AM 0
public static final int AM_PM 9
public static final int APRIL 3
public static final int AUGUST 7
public static final int DATE 5
public static final int DAY_OF_MONTH 5
public static final int DAY_OF_WEEK 7
public static final int DECEMBER 11
public static final int FEBRUARY 1
public static final int FRIDAY 6
public static final int HOUR 10
public static final int HOUR_OF_DAY 11
public static final int JANUARY 0
public static final int JULY 6
public static final int JUNE 5
public static final int MARCH 2
public static final int MAY 4
public static final int MILLISECOND 14
public static final int MINUTE 12
public static final int MONDAY 2
public static final int MONTH 2
public static final int NOVEMBER 10
public static final int OCTOBER 9
public static final int PM 1
public static final int SATURDAY 7
public static final int SECOND 13
public static final int SEPTEMBER 8
public static final int SUNDAY 1
public static final int THURSDAY 5
public static final int TUESDAY 3
public static final int WEDNESDAY 4
public static final int YEAR 1

public static final int READ 1
public static final int READ_WRITE 3
public static final int WRITE 2
public static final String GET "GET"
public static final String HEAD "HEAD"
public static final int HTTP_ACCEPTED 202
public static final int HTTP_BAD_GATEWAY 502
public static final int HTTP_BAD_METHOD 405
public static final int HTTP_BAD_REQUEST 400
public static final int HTTP_CLIENT_TIMEOUT 408
public static final int HTTP_CONFLICT 409
public static final int HTTP_CREATED 201
public static final int HTTP_ENTITY_TOO_LARGE 413
public static final int HTTP_EXPECT_FAILED 417
public static final int HTTP_FORBIDDEN 403
public static final int HTTP_GATEWAY_TIMEOUT 504
public static final int HTTP_GONE 410
public static final int HTTP_INTERNAL_ERROR 500
public static final int HTTP_LENGTH_REQUIRED 411
public static final int HTTP_MOVED_PERM 301
public static final int HTTP_MOVED_TEMP 302
public static final int HTTP_MULT_CHOICE 300
public static final int HTTP_NO_CONTENT 204
public static final int HTTP_NOT_ACCEPTABLE 406
public static final int HTTP_NOT_AUTHORITATIVE 203
public static final int HTTP_NOT_FOUND 404
public static final int HTTP_NOT_IMPLEMENTED 501
public static final int HTTP_NOT_MODIFIED 304
public static final int HTTP_OK 200
public static final int HTTP_PARTIAL 206
public static final int HTTP_PAYMENT_REQUIRED 402
public static final int HTTP_PRECON_FAILED 412
public static final int HTTP_PROXY_AUTH 407
public static final int HTTP_REQ_TOO_LONG 414
public static final int HTTP_RESET 205
public static final int HTTP_SEE_OTHER 303
public static final int HTTP_TEMP_REDIRECT 307
public static final int HTTP_UNAUTHORIZED 401
public static final int HTTP_UNAVAILABLE 503
public static final int HTTP_UNSUPPORTED_RANGE 416
public static final int HTTP_UNSUPPORTED_TYPE 415
public static final int HTTP_USE_PROXY 305
public static final int HTTP_VERSION 505
public static final String POST "POST"
public static final byte DELAY 0
public static final byte KEEPALIVE 2
public static final byte LINGER 1
public static final byte RCVBUF 3
public static final byte SNDBUF 4
public static final String TONE_DEVICE_LOCATOR "device://tone"
public static final int CLOSED 0
public static final int PREFETCHED 300
public static final int REALIZED 200
public static final int STARTED 400
public static final long TIME_UNKNOWN -1l
public static final int UNREALIZED 100
public static final String CLOSED "closed"
public static final String DEVICE_AVAILABLE "deviceAvailable"
public static final String DEVICE_UNAVAILABLE "deviceUnavailable"
public static final String DURATION_UPDATED "durationUpdated"
public static final String END_OF_MEDIA "endOfMedia"
public static final String ERROR "error"
public static final String STARTED "started"
public static final String STOPPED "stopped"
public static final String VOLUME_CHANGED "volumeChanged"
public static final byte BLOCK_END -6
public static final byte BLOCK_START -5
public static final byte C4 60
public static final byte PLAY_BLOCK -7
public static final byte REPEAT -9
public static final byte RESOLUTION -4
public static final byte SET_VOLUME -8
public static final byte SILENCE -1
public static final byte TEMPO -3
public static final byte VERSION -2

public static final byte BAD_EXTENSIONS 1
public static final byte BROKEN_CHAIN 11
public static final byte CERTIFICATE_CHAIN_TOO_LONG 2
public static final byte EXPIRED 3
public static final byte INAPPROPRIATE_KEY_USAGE 10
public static final byte MISSING_SIGNATURE 5
public static final byte NOT_YET_VALID 6
public static final byte ROOT_CA_EXPIRED 12
public static final byte SITENAME_MISMATCH 7
public static final byte UNAUTHORIZED_INTERMEDIATE_CA 4
public static final byte UNRECOGNIZED_ISSUER 8
public static final byte UNSUPPORTED_PUBLIC_KEY_TYPE 13
public static final byte UNSUPPORTED_SIGALG 9
public static final byte VERIFICATION_FAILED 14

public static final int EQUIVALENT 0
public static final int FOLLOWS 1
public static final int PRECEDES -1

public static final int AUTHMODE_ANY 1
public static final int AUTHMODE_PRIVATE 0

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