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Class Watchdog

  extended bycom.siemens.icm.misc.Watchdog

public class Watchdog
extends Object

The Watchdog class provides the ability to control the CPUs hardware watchdog from application level.
There is a built-in HW watchdog in the system. When this watchdog triggers the module either switches off, reboots, or does nothing. This depends on the watchdog settings (see at^scfg=Userware/Watchdog). This HW watchdog action might occur with a delay of up to 14s and with a general tolerance of 1%. That means when you configure the watchdog to e.g. 10s and don't service it, the module will switch off/reboot not later than 24s, or when you set it to 200s the watchdog might already trigger after 198s.
The watchdog is disabled when the module starts, the application has to enable it. It is never disabled implicitely. That means that the application has to disable the watchdog again when closing down (i.e. in its destroyApp method. This is especially necessary for OTAP to work correctly.

Method Summary
static void kick()
          Kicks the application level watchdog when it is running.
static void start(int secs)
          Controls the application level watchdog.
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Method Detail


public static void start(int secs)
                  throws IllegalArgumentException
Controls the application level watchdog. This can either be a start, stop or restart depending on the parameter.

secs - The number of seconds after which the watchdog will trigger. Valid values are 0 to switch off, or between 10 and 300 to set watchdog time-out.
IllegalArgumentException - if:
  • the parameter is invalid
    See Also:

  • kick

    public static void kick()
                     throws IllegalStateException
    Kicks the application level watchdog when it is running. The watchdog does not time out when it is serviced within its time out interval.

    IllegalStateException - if:
  • the watchdog is not running
  • the watchdog already expired
    See Also:

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